Debt Solvo Limited are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. To ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, we have put together some clear guides on the different fee structures across an IVA.


There is no fee for our initial consultation and advice. If an IVA is recommended as a suitable-solution for you, and you decide to proceed, there are two fees associated with an IVA: the Nominee fee and the Supervisor fee.

But if you choose not to proceed with an IVA with Debt Solvo Limited (or any other third party provider we suggest) we will not charge you for the advice or support that we provide you before your IVA is set up.

Below is an explanation of these fees and how they are charged. We follow industry accepted standards for how we charge fees.

Debt Solvo Limited will help by:

  • Advising you on all the options available to you.
  • Collating all the documents that are needed to verify the value of any assets you own.
  • Preparing the first draft of your income and expenditure schedule.
  • Collating details of your creditors and writing to advise them of the position and seek up to date balances on your accounts
  • Liaising with you and your creditors.
  • Verifying your financial statement in reference to your documents.
  • Verifying the advice we have given to you.
  • Dealing with any creditor enquiries.
  • Seeking any additional information needed and drafting your proposal documents.
  • Either acting as nominee or handing over your file to one of our panel of Insolvency Practitioners.

Nominees Fees

These are fee incurred by the Insolvency Practitioner for agreeing to act for you and for holding your creditors decision procedure (usually a Virtual Meeting). The Nominee’s fees are paid out of the proceeds of the arrangement if it is agreed by your creditors.

If your creditors do not approve your IVA, then there are no upfront fees to pay.

Fee Structure 1

The fee chargeable is typically equivalent to six monthly payments.

Fee Structure 2

A fixed fee of £1,560.00 (+ VAT where applicable) is charged.

Supervisors Fees

Once your IVA has been approved by creditors, your Nominee becomes your Supervisor who will be responsible for monitoring and supervising your proposal for its duration (usually over 5 or 6 years). Again, these are paid out of the payments received into the IVA. You do not have to pay these up front.

Fee Structure 1

The fees that are chargeable for this are usually expressed as a proportion of what is recovered for your creditors in the IVA – usually 15% of realisations (in other words 15%of the total payments you make in your IVA).

Fee Structure 2

The total fees (Supervisor Fee + Nominee’s Fee) and expenses (which are very dependent upon your individual circumstances) are unlikely to exceed £3,650.00 in total. This means that the Supervisor’s fees are usually a fixed fee of £1,750.00. This may vary a little.

Fee Structure 3

Alternatively, fees may be dependent on how much time your Insolvency Practitioner spends in supervising your arrangement and are based on time and hourly rates. This is usually reserved for the more complex cases with many different facets to them.

Please note that all Insolvency fees i.e. Nominee and Supervisors fees are paid out of the proceeds of the arrangement. You would not be required to make any additional payments in respect of Nominee’s and Supervisors costs.

You will be provided with details annually of your Supervisor’s fees in the annual report that they will prepare and which will be forwarded to you and your creditors.

All new enquiries will be screened by our partner Revive Solutions UK Ltd. Revive Solutions UK Ltd do not charge any fees; Revive Solutions UK Ltd provides information only to enable the customer to make an informed decision about which debt solution they prefer and then refer the customer to Debt Solvo Limited, for which Revive Solutions UK receives a fee. Revive Solutions Limited has an indirect referral agreement with Debt Solvo Limited, who provide insolvency solutions to individuals throughout the UK; specialising in IVAs and Protected Trust Deeds. They do not administer or provide advice solely relating to debt management products, such as Debt Management Plans or Debt Payment Plans under the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Debt Solvo Limited only provides advice after completing or receiving an initial fact find where the individual(s) concerned meets the criteria for one of their insolvency solutions, therefore, all advice is given in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment.

Referral to another Insolvency Practitioners or Debt Management Plan Providers

In line with the Insolvency Ethic code, if, for whatever reason, we are not able to carry out your IVA for you directly ourselves (we may be subject to a conflict of interest, for example, or simply do not have sufficient resources to manage your case effectively) we will not leave you on your own. We may pass you and your specific details (only with your consent) to one of our trusted panel of Insolvency Practitioners or FCA Regulated Debt Management Plan providers. We have for a full list. They will talk you through their own fee structures. We may receive a fee from them, for collecting all of the information from you, carrying out any required searches and evaluating your circumstances.

  • The IVA Advisor Ltd
  • Creditfix (UK) Ltd
  • Fortis Insolvency Ltd
  • Hanover Insolvency Limited
  • J3 Limited
  • GW Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Moneyplus Group Limited

Free Services

If you would prefer a free debt service then free debt counselling and advice is available from Money Helper at